• The long table is ready for the visitors from Mexico City.

  • The bonfire is lit and ready for the guests arrive.

  • Sometimes we are completely absorbed by the Northern Lights

  • Winter and dark time, then it is a good feeling to reach the Middlelaldertunet

  • This cool image we just had to bring, this is from a movie recording


Welcome to Middelaldertunet

Middelaldertunet is a place where you are spending your time in the old time. We accept for all occasions.

Here it has been arranged conferences, meetings, school excursions, company excursions with activities, party dinners, weddings, christmas parties yes for all occasions.

Anyone wishing to arrange something unique has found their way here from around the world.

Some of the unique is the nice hike from the settlement into the woods and fields before one arrives.

This does something with you, the feeling of peace and tranquility that sets itself in the soul enhances the whole experience.

Hurray!! We took a great trip in the gray weather, and what a trip we got! A fantastic medieval education far to the forest. who would believe it !!

              - Breivika Student Barnehage 15.10.2011

We are gathered for a course in Tromsø. After a day of sour PC, Fix and another idle babbling, it was exceptionally nice to come here for this paradise.

                 - Jordskifteretten i Hålogaland 27.04.2015