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A short story about us

Middelaldertunet is built on old traditions. Currently it consists of five buildings, a large patio with bonfire and large outdoor areas with natural surroundings.  

Everything startet with my grandmother and her desire to have a cabin at this place. It was her favorite place in the world when she grew up. The place is a historical place with a history of 10 - 12 000 years old. In the beginning it was only ment to be for privat use, and as a forrest cabin to stay at when we keep up with forestry. It was basically a big property and Middelaldertunet was meant to be a foresters house.

When we started to build here, there where no road and the place was covered with trees. We built the first building Gammen in old Sami tradition as a permanent traditional building. after some time we needed more space and build the second building that is Smia it is made more in the style of how vikings used to build.

Many came to see, and so we received a request for the first visit. Since I have many years of background as a chef from the restaurant industry, and my father who had had his own restaurant for many years, it was not hard to say yes. A group of 10 people arrived and had a wonderful time while we cooked the food and served them. This gave me a great satisfaction and we continued to welcome guest to dinner partys.

I made plans for having my place of work here and we built yet another building the Goldsmith workshop. To work here I would also need to have a road and the constructions of bridges and road was done over a couple of years. This building was done more in the style of medieval buildings.

Then came the time for my wedding, I wanted to arrange it here. As it now is a special place for me as well. To be able to seat all the guests we needed more space. 

We were well driven in construction, when we embarked on the biggest building project to come. Trollstua was in the beginning a half tent/building with solid walls and a canvas to roof. Years later it would be finished with a proper roof. 

When having so many guest we also made a large patio with a bonfire place. We used a canvas to cover it up due to the unpredictable weather that we have here, and we also built a service building to facilitate for them.

During all this time, we recived requests from people that wanted to come and have their event/party here.

We have over the years got our bookings from people that heard about us from other that have been here and have now been operating with referrals like this for over 20 years. 

BUT.. - more about that later, come visit us, enjoy a quiet time in the old days! We would love to tell you more!